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“Never been to an Osteopath before so I was a little hesitant.  I must say now that Kimberley Minard was very professional and very caring.  I highly recommend her as she puts you right at ease and talks you through the entire process.  Outstanding service."


“Kimberley has changed my life!!  Ideal with a chronic illness, was recommended by a friend and thought I would give her a try (as my last resort).  So glad I went!  She has helped me immensely and would highly recommend her!!"


“I can’t say enough about Kimberley’s Osteopath abilities (barely able to walk the first visit), her compassion, her cheerleading, and her professionalism.  Our interactions were always very positive. I would recommend Kimberley to everyone who is seeking her specialty services.  I know that I will if that time arises again.”

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